February 2015 - Car Wash Edition

by  David Hill

This month, we had the pleasure of hearing Jaime Bellmyer talk about building his Grabicon service. Most of the presentation can also be read on his blog here: http://www.rubycuts.com/2015/01/ditch-googles-blase-favicon-service-grabicon-loves-you/ He's really pushing right now to get more developers using the service, and the basic access level is free and allows for up to 2,500 requests/day. So if you're building an application that regularly links to other external sites, consider using Grabicon to pull favicons for those sites. He showed how gemerald.com, a small search engine site he built, displays the search results including these favicons and I really liked the effect. That single visual cue makes it so easy and fast to identify where that link will take you.


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