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Share ideas, code, and your love for Ruby. Show off your latest project, gems and plugins, or something you learned. Open to all skill levels… just show up and join the fun!

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The Kansas City Ruby User Group (KCRug) was founded in November of 2003, by Jason Clinton and Shashank Date. Jason and Shashank formed the group with the desire to have a common place where Ruby programmers could come together and talk about Ruby.

KCRug is a member of a community of User Groups around the country. Anyone is welcome to attend. There are no dues or fees, and you don't have to know anything about Ruby or Rails. There is a chance you might learn something from others in the group.

Ruby is a computer programming language. It is very often used together with Rails, which is a framework for quickly producing robust web applications based upon databases.

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  • Title: AWS Lambda in RubySpeaker: Shashank DatĂ©Synopsis: In this talk I wish to cover the notion of a serverless "AWS Lambda" and how it can implemented using Ruby, which now has native support. I will demo a simple "Hello World" example and the progressively refine it to use some more advanced features like API gateway and Step Functions. It will be an interactive session and attendees will be able to drive the examples in a direction most desired. No knowledge of AWS is expected and an intermediate understanding of Ruby will be helpful. Doors will open at 6:00 and the meeting will start at 6:30. Artisan Technology Group, which recently merged with BalancePoint, will be providing pizza and pop. We have Slack signup integrated into Visit the Contact us section and join us in the KC Ruby Slack.
Where we're meeting:  9201 Ward Pkwy

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